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I was lucky to experience football in different ways.

As a kid who begins to engage in sports with a wide imagination.

As a football professional whose wishes come true, whose dreams become reality.

I have been watching football from the stands for years and from a very important, often crucial, parental aspect.

I have been watching football from the stands for years and from a very important, often crucial, parental aspect.

From day to day, during the camp activities, my team and I will ask them to dream and awaken their imagination. We will try to be supportive in order to make their dreams come true.

My memories are dominated by the images from my earliest football age. For this reason, I want the DEKI 5 camp to be one of the more beautiful experiences in the childhood of the kids who I look forward to meeting. I will do my best to make them leave the camp, smiling and full of unforgettable impressions.

I admit, I had cold feet before the beginning of the first season of the Camp. It was like that until the first contact with children. The emotion I’ve got from them, the synergy felt among all the participants of the Camp, that is one of my most important victories in both football and life. I am happy we set the bar so high. The old rule of sport says that it is easier to win the title than to defend it. That is why an enormous challenge is in front of us, to assert ourselves from year to year and always be at least a little better.

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  • Entertaining children through play, quality and expert training.
  • A break from modern technology.
  • Staying in nature, breathing mountain air.
  • Socializing with friends of different ages, from different parts of the world.

By simulating a workweek of professional football players, children have the opportunity to comprehend what the playing days of Dejan Stanković looked like.

For that purpose, a team of highly qualified experts for working with children, also using the experiences of the instructor service of UEFA and the Football Association of Serbia, prepares and plans every minute of the Camp’s program thoroughly. Technique, motor abilities, skill, agility, speed capacities, are some of the program parts of the training set before the campers. Of course, ball work and practicing the football elements adjusted to the age and abilities of the trainees.

Simultaneously, the coaches remind the trainees of the Camp of the required health care and offer answers to numerous questions in a funny, illustrative way:

  • What are the good, and what are the bad habits in everyday life?
  • What is good, and what needs to be corrected in nutrition?
  • How important is psychology in sport?
  • How to acquire and build confidence, and how do cold feet and fear of mistakes win?
  • Why should fair play be cherished and opponent respected?
  • Defeats are an integral part of sport, how to accept them in a proper way?

Education is an indispensable factor in every athlete’s life, no matter what the course of his career is…

And many, many competition, quizzes, playing and singing. Smiles on the faces and fatigue at the end of the day.


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