The first season of the DEKI 5 camp was successfully finished

The first season of the DEKI 5 camp was successfully finished

The Dejan Stanković’s football camp “Deki5”, held on Zlatibor from 28th July to 18th August, attracted great attention of the public. The former star player of Red Star, Lazio and Inter, tried to make the three-week stay on Zlatibor for 350 children, aged 9-15, unforgettable.

Numerous celebrities who visited Zlatibor and socialized with the trainees during those days as Stanković’s guests, such as Siniša Mihajlović, Cristian Chivu, Marco Materazzi, Marko Pantelić, Saša Ilić, Nenad Milijaš, a taekwondo athlete Milica Mandić, a 3×3 basketball player Dejan Majstorović, actors Viktor Savić and Aleksandar Radojičić, contributed to that greatly…

All of them together pointed out a fantastic organization, fantastic work in trainings, and a great dedication of all the coaches, and the credit for that goes to the expert coordinator of the “Deki5” camp, Nebojša Milošević, who conceived the entire work program and took care of its application on the field.

„Deki had a great idea and he also set the right goals. The first one was that the “Deki5” camp should in the first place be the promotion of football, which is more than a game, it became a sociological need which also satisfies the wish for competition. The second goal, which attracted me to this project, was for the camp to serve the proper development of every child, not only in a football sense. In order to become successful, and I’m not talking about sport only, but any profession, it is necessary to develop as a complete person. Most of all, we worked precisely on that, on and off the field”, Milošević started his story.

He added that they worked with the youngest ones with a great deal of attention and insisted on children’s education on proper nutrition, injury prevention, psychological preparation.

„Furthermore, I am very proud that we talked to them about their behavior and culture on the field. We were extremely attentive to promote fair-play precisely through the image and work of Dejan Stanković who won many trophies in his illustrious career and was an exemplary athlete. Great both in victory and defeat. We used his presence, since he was on Zlatibor for the entire time, and his charisma contributed significantly to the complete fulfilment of the plan. The reaction of the kids, but also their parents was phenomenal, and gave all of us a great satisfaction”.

With his associates, Milošević realized a special training through three categories.

„For the children up to 11 years of age, the emphasis was on ball handling and control. For the ones up to 13, the priority in training was the first touch, ball reception and different types of shots, and for the trainees up to 15, it was offensive-defensive cooperation. We also carried out the specific motor tests and postural status assessment, that is, the relation between mobility and stability of the body, which is extremely important in pre-puberty. We also gave recommendations to all the trainees on what they should do to improve all those details”

The youngest ones especially enjoyed talking to the famous football players who visited them.

„Our guests were ideal role models for the values we were promoting. A fantastic team work of all the people in the organization produced excellent results. I do not want to sound conceited, but I think that “Deki5” set the new standards, and, in a way, crossed the boundaries of a football camp for children, and we sent a meaningful message through the image and work of Dejan Stanković”.