Basic objectives of the CampFootball – “more than a game”, biological, sociological need in children’s development, as well as a means to show competitiveness;

Versatile, complete development of a personality and of young footballers’ bodies;

Promotion of fair play: code of conduct in accordance with the role-model of Dejan Stanković, respect of co-players-opponents-referees-spectators, acceptance of victory and defeat as interim stations toward the achievement of success.

Program content aiming at the achievement of objectives will be implemented through four interrelated segments:

1. Planned and directed activities aimed at ensuring the basic training in football, learning of the specific technique of movement with and without a ball adjusted to age-related and individual characteristics of each child. Each camp participant will also undergo an adjusted set of tests for diagnosing postural status and motor skills, based on which analysis will be performed, individual report will be prepared and recommendations will be given (including practical ones) for guidance in the upcoming period.

2. Controlled, targeted and guided expressing of competitiveness through the football game and specific individual and group competitive activities: “I against myself” – “I for a group” – I in a group” – “I in a team”

3. Education in the form of specific presentations, lectures addressing topics that are very important for the correct development of young athletes:

a. “School and Football” (Necessity of education for the complete and correct personality development; influence of education on the quality of development of young footballers; significance of educational level during and after active player’s career; not all children become champions or professional footballers!)

b. Healthy life and correct diet (What is healthy diet, what should an athlete eat and drink and what he/she should avoid? How should he/she rest correctly? What is sport hygiene? How should one take care of one’s own body?)

c. Psychological development of a footballer: “I dream – I believe – I try“ (How can I succeed? How can I become self-confident? How can I overcome stage fright? How can I become better?…)

d. Analysis of the World Cup Russia 2018 (What does the play of the best national teams look like? How are goals scored in top quality football? How did the best players play at the WC 2018?)

4. Thematic evenings of cultural – entertaining – educational content: “Meet Deki – from a boy to a champion”; “Entertainment quiz”; “Stage games – surprise guests from sport, theatre art, music art, …); “Hard match: you against microphone and camera – media conference”, “Karaoke party”… and many other things …

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